Founded in 1992, LanShiuon is a professional manufacturer of PTFE components. Over the years, the company has adhered to the principles of professionalism and service orientation, continuously researching and developing new equipment, including computerized digital control technology. With professional and specialized techniques and strict quality control, LanShiuon has developed high-quality PTFE components in the industry. In 1995, LanShiuon was awarded the Gold Award in the Asia-Pacific region, and in 2001, it obtained ISO-9001 quality certification. Due to its commitment to quality-first principles, LanShiuon has achieved outstanding results in the market and has been highly recognized and supported by customers.

LanShiuon is not just a supplier, but also a partner in the research and development of valves. Adhering to the principle of pursuing excellence rather than quantity, LanShiuon is dedicated to controlling the quality of every product.


Shang Hai