Clamp gasket's application is similar to Flange gasket. It's only different that Clamp gasket's is easy to dismantle.

Because Flange gasket set-up big caliber which is not easy to dismantle.
The clamp fitting of pipe often designs on Food and Drug equipment.
In order to non-pollution equipment, user will clean the equipment regularly, so it must be easy and quick to dismantle.

Lan Shiuon produced Five series of Clamp gaskets, such as AS, BS, CS ,DS and ES series. AS and ES series material is PTFE. The gasket with PTFE return the shape slower after the gasket pressured, but the AS and ES series are cheaper.

BS series material is PTFE and Rubber. The purpose is to increase reuse time of the gasket after the gasket pressured, and the reversibility is better

CS series increases PTFE of outside diameter. It fills the clamp fitting space and improves the air tightness.

DS series combine PTFE and Rubber. The DS gasket reversibility is better. It can use n vacuum tubes and the reuse time can be multiple.But the production costs will be higher.

Lan Shiuon produces two specifications of Clamp gaskets,ISO AND DIN specifications.
The full-flow are 1/2” 、3/4” 、1” 、1 1/4” 、1 1/2” 、2” 、2 1/2” 、3” 、3 1/2” 、4” 、5” 、6” 、8” and 10”, etc.

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