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• The BR series shaft seal is designed for high efficiency and is suitable for a wide range of applications, achieving both vertical pull lubrication and shaft rotation lubrication. It is suitable for environments within gearboxes or immersed in water, and in pump motors and mixers, it enhances lubrication efficiency by designing oil grooves, achieving a highly sealed state.

• The NCN shaft seal belongs to a larger size specification. When activated, the shaft generates torque, resulting in slow rotation speeds. The design of the NCN aims to reduce the momentary startup torque. The maximum pressure can reach 1,000 PSI, while the rotational speed depends on the material.

• The TC series lip seal is a single lip seal, designed as a replacement for rubber lip seals. It addresses certain requirements that rubber lip seals may struggle to meet, such as noise generation at low speeds or lack of chemical resistance. Additionally, TC lip seals can operate for extended periods under harsh weather conditions.

• The main lip in the SR series is available in two materials! The front side (the side close to the shaft) is made of PTFE, while the back side is made of rubber. The elasticity of the rubber helps compensate for any potential shortcomings of the PTFE.

• The MG series focuses on a multi-lip design for the main lip. This is primarily because it needs to address low rotational forces, withstand the load of the lip seal, and be designed for applications under negative pressure atmospheric conditions!

 The design of PTFE lip seals significantly improves functions that are challenging for bearings to achieve, such as noise reduction, leak-proof sealing, and withstanding pressure from working objects. It reduces friction in the air, enhancing the maximum power of the lip.

In the design of powered shaft seals, the greatest challenge lies in the material differences of the "lip." In order to enhance lifespan, improve application pathways, achieve maximum load-bearing capacity, and reduce wear and tear, special attention is required across a wide range of environments. Additionally, friction in air, friction in general liquids, friction in chemical liquids, and friction in vacuum environments all demand particular consideration. Operating continuously in high-temperature environments, especially in food, medical, and pharmaceutical applications, cannot tolerate the generation of powder after wear and tear.

The primary challenge in designing lip-shaped seals is their operating environment. In harsh or unfavorable conditions, the upper lip design features high hardness and elasticity to ensure effective sealing.

The lip seal design incorporates oil-immersed lips and return oil grooves, aimed at enhancing performance during high-speed operation. Oil-immersed lips provide lubrication in the absence of oil, thereby extending usage time. The design of oil groove lips operates according to the direction of the shaft diameter used and is designed in the opposite direction to enhance performance.

The key to designing shaft seals for use in high-temperature environments lies in ensuring that the heated lip of the seal can dissipate heat rapidly, not just withstand high temperatures. Such a design helps mitigate the impact of expansion on sealing performance.

In the design concept, particular attention needs to be paid to prevent molecular hardening of the lip seal, especially in situations with sudden temperature drops. In mechanical tools, many operational functions are conducted through rotation to convey maximum power, thus rotation and conduction are crucial for the proper operation and efficiency of machine tools.

Whether it's a single lip design or a multi-lip design, from small to large sizes, the key lies in selecting the appropriate special materials to meet the requirements. Even beyond standard specifications, we will do our utmost to achieve customer satisfaction. In meeting special requirements, we will maintain a high level of attention and provide the best solutions possible.

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