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    LANSHIUON has developed products such as control valves, safety valves, three-way valves, check valves, and ball valves, utilizing materials like PTFE, PFA, and PEEK for production. These valves are designed to be residue-free and offer various installation methods, including double clamp, high-pressure expansion, double internal and external threads, and double flanges. Each installation method is simple and convenient. Additionally, designs with direct mounting of pneumatic steel are provided, with the option to replace the ball valve's liner material.
 When conveying fluids, FITTINGs often encounter various challenges. For instance, FITTINGs with thinner walls may face instability in thermal fluctuations under normal high temperatures due to rapid heat conduction. This can affect the mechanical strength of FITTINGs against thermal stresses, potentially leading to loosening or detachment.

   We have enhanced the mechanical strength and heat resistance expansion of FITTINGs. We increased the thickness of UNT or BODY to three times that of the TUBE's thickness and made adjustments to the number of threads. These improvements enhance the ability to convert torque into pressure, firmly securing the TUBE by increasing the turning torque of the locking thread. During thermal expansion, the NUT and BODY can compress internally, effectively preventing fluid leakage and minimizing the risk of loosening during thermal fluctuations.

  Based on the requirements of fields such as semiconductor, liquid crystal, EL chemistry, ultra-pure water, high-purity water, and chemical industries, LANSHIUON offers FITTING products with a highly pure molecular structure to meet customer demands. We utilize TFM molecules known for their high cleanliness and resistance to corrosion, ensuring reliability in the transportation of special liquids or gases without susceptibility to liquid corrosion or contamination. In certain cases where these liquids prohibit exposure to light during flow, our FITTING products maintain the purity and integrity of the fluid in such environments.

   The wall thickness of FITTING products remains the same under high and low-pressure conditions, primarily for the purpose of reducing production costs. Different connection methods are mainly designed to meet various pressure requirements rather than altering the wall thickness to achieve this goal. Therefore, in designing FITTING, we emphasize connection methods under different pressures to ensure suitability for various applications while minimizing production costs as much as possible.

   LANSHIUON offers special black TFM material for the production of FITTING and black piping to meet customer design requirements.

   For high-pressure or high-temperature regular use, the TUBE needs to be heated for expansion during connection.

When used at low pressure or at room temperature (approximately 70°C), the FITTING features quick and convenient connection characteristics. By converting torque into pressure, the FITTING securely fastens the O-rings at both ends to the pipeline.

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