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With years of experience in the valve industry, LanShiuon has established a strong foothold. Each valve component operates in different environments, with Ball valves being the most widely used, such as in pure water, industrial wastewater, chemical liquid discharge, as well as food and medical applications. However, they are also subjected to various conditions including ultra-high temperatures, ultra-low temperatures, and high pressures. The selection or production of ball valves is a critical factor in many complex environments.

In the valve industry, most production is primarily based on atmospheric pressure, which we refer to as positive pressure. Additionally, valves are also used in vacuum environments, referred to as negative pressure. In such environments, the production of ball valves requires modern demands not only to enable usage but also to pursue high-quality and longer service life.

Engaged in the production of ball valve liners, after years of experience and research and development, we aim not only to produce various materials to meet the needs of valves but more importantly to assist valve manufacturers in design, thereby reducing costs and standing shoulder to shoulder with renowned valve manufacturers!

We not only produce high-quality Ball Seats but also reduce production costs in Seat manufacturing. We believe that producing Seats is not about making them large in volume to be good Seats. A properly sized Seat helps prevent unnecessary cost increases.

In manufacturing breakthroughs, we utilize injection molding techniques to produce raw materials without machining, reducing material costs. Subsequently, we process the raw materials according to the dimensions required by various valve manufacturers. By offering valve manufacturers the option of PEEK material series without the burden of mold opening costs, we have significantly reduced spatial costs. Moreover, we have incorporated many composite materials into the material, thereby meeting the diverse needs of valve manufacturers.

LanShiuon provides a variety of materials for ball valve seats, each tailored to different applications. For instance, in the PEEK series, we incorporate components such as fiberglass, carbon fiber, ceramic powder, and PTFE. In PTFE alone, we include 68 different components, and we also offer materials such as PP, UPE, Nylon, PCTFE, PVDF, POM, PBI, PPS, PFA, PEP, PETP, PC, etc., each suitable for different environmental valve applications. During the production process, LanShiuon can simulate valve operation in 3D software beforehand and then inspect every step of the process using a three-dimensional imaging measuring instrument!

LanShiuon embodies our commitment to being not just a supplier but also a partner in the research and development process for valve manufacturers. We emphasize quality over quantity and precision over scale to ensure the control of the quality of each Ball seat.