The Spring Seal is an operating sealing ring made of a synthesis of PTFE and special metals, offering functionalities not found in O-rings or U-cup seals. PTFE sealing rings are most efficient in high-temperature, high-pressure, and chemical environments, delivering optimal performance. Due to the lack of elasticity and toughness in PTFE material, the structural design necessitates the integration of various spring functionalities to enhance the reliability and stability of the sealing ring.

◎Application Range:

Aerospace industry, biochemical equipment, semiconductor devices, food and pharmaceuticals, mechanical vacuum components, petrochemical industry, as well as bearings, valve seats, piston rings, and other parts used in sliders.

◎Spring Seal can be divided into two major categories based on functionality:

Static seal

Dynamic seal

"The dynamic sealing shaft seal" has the functionality of both rotation and vertical operation, effectively sealing in both operating states.

In mechanical engineering design, the piston is widely utilized, ranging from power transmission to long-term operations, necessitating lighter sliding characteristics and improved wear resistance to enhance the speed of power transmission. Besides its function in power transmission, sealing capability is also a primary consideration, requiring it to withstand higher pressures.

The Piston Seal can effectively provide sealing under atmospheric pressure, and it can even withstand vacuum negative pressure environments. Depending on the application environment, the seals can achieve optimal performance. When handling vacuum negative pressure environments, different materials such as PTFE Seal and POM Seal consider characteristics like water absorption, toughness, and dielectric properties of the seals.

Using different seals in different environments is one of the crucial factors in ensuring equipment quality and reliability. Choosing seals suitable for specific application environments can ensure that the seals fully meet functional requirements, enhancing equipment reliability and efficiency. Seal selection should consider factors such as temperature, pressure, chemicals, and friction in the environment to ensure that the seals perform well under various conditions and effectively prevent leaks. Therefore, ensuring the use of suitable seals is paramount for ensuring the safety and reliability of equipment operation.

Our company continuously provides new designs to meet the demands of different environments and offers seals in various materials. For high-speed and high-pressure piston seal applications, we have not only improved material structures and designs but also ensured that the seals do not wear out quickly during high-speed movements, helping you reduce damage rates. In terms of assembly, we provide simple and practical assembly solutions, saving your valuable production time while enhancing the performance of high-speed dynamics

Lanshiuon Company, with its wealth of experience, is committed to designing reliable products for customers while reducing costs and ensuring customer satisfaction.

We place great emphasis on reliability while maintaining flexibility and creativity.

Offering discontinued or unofficially produced products to meet your specific requirements and specifications.

Providing advanced materials, with the ability to employ special designs, to design shaft seal gaskets according to customer specifications, meeting unique applications.

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